Top 10 Halal Cosmetics Companies in the World

Top 10 Halal Cosmetics Companies in the World

The value of the halal cosmetics business worldwide was $30.3 billion in US dollars altogether in 2022. Cosmetics as well as private hygiene items made with particular substances that are allowed under Islamic Shariah law are referred to as halal. They are devoid of any human bodily parts or components, elements produced from wildlife that are forbidden by Islamic law, and also those components from animals that are acquired through non-halal butchering.

Since genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are regarded as dirty, such goods are also devoid of them. After years of being a niche market, halal cosmetics are suddenly becoming extremely common all over the world since they are guaranteed to be of the highest caliber and devoid of injustice.

According to IMARC Group’s report, the leading halal cosmetics firms are responding to the growing awareness of private hygiene among men by launching premium grooming products for men. In addition, the major market participants are spending money on intensive marketing plans to increase the number of customers they serve.

They are heavily influencing customers through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. To meet the needs of a larger range of consumers, major businesses are also releasing a variety of products, such as bath gels, lipsticks, cartridges, shampoos, moisturizers, detergents, and sprinkles. According to IMARC Group’s projections, the market would grow emphatically at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% and approach US$ 53.2 billion by 2028.

List of Top Organizations Serving in the Halal Cosmetics Market:

Following are the top 10 organizations that are providing their services in the Halal cosmetics industry.

1. Amara Cosmetics

Muslim women can now get assistance with cosmetics and attractiveness thanks to Amara Cosmetics, the inaugural halal-certified makeup company in the United States. It offers natural ingredient-based cosmetics that are chiefly compliant with Islamic dietary regulations. In addition, the brand sells other beauty goods like blush, contour, eyeliners, mascara, eye kohl, lipsticks, lotions, face masks, and bronzer. At this point, Amara Cosmetics sells all of its goods exclusively online through e-commerce sites and its website.

2. Pure Halal Beauty

Halal skincare items are sold by the family-run company Pure Halal Beauty. The Islamic Society of North America has approved it, also guaranteeing that it satisfies all halal requirements. The business trades via its online store as well as other e-commerce platforms, and the majority of its items are manufactured in Germany and Canada. At this point, Pure Halal Beauty is the UK’s premier halal-certified retailer. 

3. SAAF Organic skincare

One of the top manufacturers of halal- and organic-certified makeup is Saaf Organic Skincare. The business is renowned for its carefully put-together packages, which include items such as lip balms, body oils, hair oils, halal-certified facial cleaning cream, and other healthcare essentials. According to Saaf, every component they utilize in the items they sell is 100% organic and altogether derived from raw materials.

4. Sampure Minerals

A well-known retailer of completely natural vegan, and halal-certified cosmetics is Sampure Minerals. It provides high-end mineral makeup products for the lips, eyes, nails, and face. The business creates beauty products that can meet the demands of each customer by combining individualized technology, extensive education and data collection, and a committed execution staff. Women use and adore their goods now, anywhere in the entire globe. Sampure Minerals provides its goods via corporate websites, several e-commerce platforms, and its physical locations in the UK.

Top 10 Halal Cosmetics Companies in the World

5. Inika Cosmetics

Fresh herbal extracts along with potent mineral-based pigments are utilized to produce makeup by the all-natural cosmetics firm Inika Cosmetics. The business is renowned for being the first in the world to apply natural makeup on a fashion event catwalk. Currently available in over 35 countries worldwide, Inika provides free-of-abuse, vegetarian halal-certified, and natural beauty goods. 

6. Martha Tilar Group

One of Indonesia’s top producers of halal cosmetics, Martha Tilar Group creates, markets, and delivers pure cosmetics made with locally sourced botanical components. Products such as Face-washing solutions, body washes, toners, bases, hair spray, blush-on items, compressed and flexible powdered materials, lipsticks, conventional face masks, and massage oils are all available. The organization sells its goods via chain stores, grocery stores, internet sellers, distributors, and salons that specialize in cosmetics.

7. One Pure

The company One Pure was started by businesswoman Layla Mandi of Dubai. It provides 13 retail items that are offered in prestigious retailers, such as Saudi Arabian Airlines and the French department market Galeries Lafayette. It provides a variety of Halal skincare products and has been recognized as Halal by a prominent certifying body. The corporation, for example, produces hydrating creams, facial cartridges, anti-wrinkle creams, eye creams, and dermatology remedies.

8. Ivy Beauty

Leading cosmetics firm Ivy Beauty wants to improve people’s lives by offering high-quality, additional-value skincare items for their maintenance and aesthetic demands. Most of the things that the firm supplies have been approved halal by the well-known Malaysian Halal Authority, JAKIM. According to the following company, it provides men’s toiletry, halal cosmetics, skincare, hairdressing, baby care, and personal care products:

  • IVY
  • MAN

9. The Halal Cosmetics Company

The main business activity of Halal Cosmetics is the retail shipment of fragrances and cosmetics. It produces and sells scents, lipsticks, eyeliner, lotions, glosses, and other cosmetics that have received halal certification. To avoid the cross-contamination of components throughout the process of production, the company exclusively uses certified commodities within a halal-approved supply network.

10. Clara International Beauty Group

Personally operated Clara International Beauty Group is a manufacturer of botanical skin-care goods.  These items are secure, efficient, and organic for use in moderate and tropical regions. The Malaysia Halal Registrar’s authority, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), has certified the business’s commodities as Halal. It creates a range of cosmetics that are completely devoid of alcoholic and animal-derived ingredients or leftovers. Currently, the organization operates over 50 beauty facilities in 11 countries, with 60% of them being franchised.

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