Five-step proven clutter buster to create more space at home

Clutter removal

If you are looking to attract positive change and seriously move stale energy out, start with your neglected clutter. Getting rid of all the things you are not using will create space for new energy and movement.

You DON’T need it

  • If it doesn’t work…
  • If you can’t remember when you last used it….or…
  • If it doesn’t make you feel good …then…


Now, this does sound very easy, right? Then why do we all have so much clutter?

Here are some proven tips and techniques that we are sharing here to make it easy for you:

First you will need some bankers boxes (you can get these anywhere you purchase office supplies). Bankers boxes work the best because they have lids and are stackable. And a hand-held recorder (you can get one cheaply at any electronics department).

Here’s what you do to quickly eliminate your clutter:

(1) Label the boxes anyway you like …maybe with a letter (A, B, C etc) or with a color, green, red, orange……

(2) Go around and start putting your dear clutter in the boxes while recording the contents with your recorder. (You can do this little by little whenever you have a spare few minutes).

(3) When the boxes are full, stack them neatly in a closet, garage, attic, etc….anywhere where they are out of sight.

(4) When you have a little time, sit down, play back the recorder and transfer the information to a spreadsheet, word document, index cards or whatever system works best for you. (By indexing you can easily find and retrieve anything you might have mistakenly filed away). Simply look the object up in the index to find the appropriate box and go get it! It’s that easy!

(5) After some time, if you find you really don’t need all the things you have stored, you can donate usable items to your favorite charitable organization. You can have a garage sale and make some cash, or you can make money by starting your own on-line store on eBay and…

You can have fun by giving your clutter a second life!

A good rule of thumb is

If you have not used it or thought about it in a year then you probably don’t need it and you can let it go

The great thing about this process is that it overcomes the two main obstacles to clearing clutter. First, you may have thrown something away only to realize later that you really needed it. So now you are reluctant to throw anything away. Secondly, you believe that it can take quite a chunk of time to do a really good job of sorting and eliminating your unwanted stuff. In the past, you may have started to get organized only to abandon the effort for want of time and organization and ended up with a bigger mess on your hands.

The Clutter Queen’s five step process eliminates these obstacles because the sorting can be done extremely quickly without the possibility of discarding valuables.

Doing these small things is your first step in creating space for new, exciting ideas and energy.

Get ready for an abundance of fresh ideas and energy to enhance your living!

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