Best Experiences During Vivid Sydney in 2021

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Vivid Sydney is an annual festival that takes place in Australia. It is a festival of Lights, Music and Ideas. People from all over come to take part and celebrate this amazing and unique event. This festival includes outdoor light installations and projections, music performances by local and international artists, and a forum where people exchange ideas and conduct discussions and debates.

Vivid Sydney 2014 - Opera House Sydney, Australia - June 1, 2014: A colourfully illuminated boat sails near the Sydney Opera House, as colourful splotches of paint are projected on its sails as part of the Vivid Sydney festival. vivid sydney stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

A Seat Onboard Vivid Dinner Cruise

Vivid is an extremely fun festival that happens every year. And every single time the Harbour is

filled with people who want to grab the best view of the light installations. One of the best spots you can get a perfect view and not worry about rushing is by going for a 2-hour luxurious cruise. Not only do you get to have an amazing waterfront dining experience but also get the chance to have close up views of the vivid light display. There is a great demand for these cruises for the same reason as well. This August 2021, make sure to grab a seat onboard the Vivid cruise in Sydney to have the best experience onboard a vivid dinner cruise.

Go For The BridgeClimb Sydney Experience

When you talk about exhilarating experiencing, BridgeClimb Sydney will take the top spot on the

list. It is a completely safe and monitored activity wherein you get to climb the Sydney Harbour bridge. It gives a rush and the thrill of it is an amazing experience but not meant for those afraid of heights or the faint-hearted. The view you get after climbing to the top will make the experience much more fruitful. Get to witness a sight that not everyone gets of the spectacular vivid light display.

Vivid Music

Another favourite is Vivid Music which is a part of the Vivid Sydney festivities. Vivid Music provides a platform for amazing live performances from local musicians as well

as international musicians. The past lineup of artists has always failed to disappoint. Consider this a perfect opportunity not only to catch your favourite artist but also to discover new artists and help upcoming artists.

Vivid Ideas

The vivid ideas is a forum for people to gather and have discussions. People also come in to be a part of enlightening discussions from great thinkers from all around. There are also debates that take place which is very intriguing to partake in. It helps gain perspective on a wide array of things that you were unaware of. It helps give insight into the new innovations and creative and technological advancements.

Discovering Vivid Sydney On Foot

Vivid Sydney is a festival where you’ll see many people out on the streets on foot. It is one of

the best ways to get the whole experience of Vivid. It is a way to ensure that there isn’t anything that you could have possibly missed out on getting a chance to see or be a part of. You can walk across the harbour bridge and enjoy the bright light installations. Other places you can discover include the Rocks, Darling Harbour, the Circular Quay and many more.

Take part in Vivid Sydney this year from August 6th till 28th and it will be a time that you will treasure forever!

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