Barley crop (part 1)

Barley crop

Words of a woman

Faisalabad: “I am surprised, doctor, how I got well just by eating barley porridge!” I didn’t take medicine, I didn’t get vaccinated, I didn’t have to go to any operation or laser technology…! I don’t understand that eating only barley crop diet not only got rid of the stones in my bile duct… but now I’m also bloated…, and then how is it possible that only barley I got sick from the stone in the stomach from eating food…!Readers.. These were the words that a woman who came to Ayub Agricultural Research Institute in Faisalabad with her husband sitting in front of me at my office.

On which I was like Bibi! You should be thankful that your health has been restored by eating the favorite food of the Holy Prophet. but on the contrary, you are expressing doubt to me about whether I have recovered or not! They said, “Doctor, I don’t have time now.” Because I am going to America the day after tomorrow, but what if gallstones bother me when I go to America? To which I replied that it’s ok, Bibi. you must go to America, but keep using barley diet, and when you come back from America to Faisalabad, you must come and take the ultrasound report from there.

After about 4-6 months, that lady returned from America, she showed me the ultrasound report, which showed that you never had a stone in your gall bladder, but that lady is still in the same doubt that What is there in the diet that caused me to faint. Readers!


The importance of what is present in the diet of barley is doubled only by the fact that apart from the periodic arrival of Gabriel in the cave of Hara with the Holy Prophet during the revelation of the first revelation, if there was any third thing, it was in the form of barley. The question is that there was no rice, no wheat bread, and no other food and drink in the cave of Hara, but why there was barley food there, just one thing to explain the importance of barley food to us Muslims.

Once Hazrat Ali (RA) was cured and he was eating dates with the Prophet (PBUH). When he ate two or four dates too much, the Prophet (PBUH) stopped him from eating more dates and said, “You have just recovered.” So don’t eat too many dates. After some pause, he gave Hazrat Ali a beetroot and barley porridge and said, “Eat from them, it is more beneficial for you.”

First heart patient in Islamic history

Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqqas (RA) is also known as the first heart patient in Islamic history. Once he said to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that (the meaning of the hadith is service) O Messenger of Allah, I feel a burden on my heart. I also have difficulty breathing, and am very anxious. He told them to eat barley porridge. The next day after eating barley porridge, he recovered completely (here I believe that if the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) had eaten clay instead of barley porridge, he would have been cured, but the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) ate barley.

It is a matter of thought. Even before the rise of Islam, if the diet of barley is examined, it is known that the diet of barley has actually been eaten by the pious and pious people for 8 thousand years, because there is something of this kind in its diet by nature. Rahat has hidden that when that food enters the stomach, the internal densities, impurities and impurities attached to the arteries and veins inside the body are immediately removed, and the devotee gets spiritual peace and happiness. Which not only makes one feel lighter but also strengthens one’s ability to think. Thus, this diet plays an important role in thinking of students, guardians, scholars, scientists and teachers and in giving birth to new concepts.

University of Turkey

I had the opportunity to participate in a symposium at the University of Turkey located in the city of  Takurda, Turkey, where international scholars and scientists also discussed the barley crop. In the Arab countries of the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah, Dammam, etc., barley products such as noodles, kovikar, roti, sato, porridge, abjoo, and shabdeg are also consumed in soups.

They are taking full advantage of barley diet, but in Pakistan, people who are ignorant of barley diet often hear that they do not even eat it. Those who are ignorant of the usefulness of barley food can make such a comment or such a position about the diet of barley, but those who know about barley, make it an integral part of their diet.

General Hameed Gul

May God bless General Hameed Gul for 20 years. After he got the knowledge about the barley crop, he always preferred the cultivation of barley crop along with wheat on his own agricultural lands in Sargodha. Your research on the barley crop has not only greatly benefited my consciousness, but the diet has also fueled my thinking. The fertility of the land has also increased significantly.

Dr. Abid Mehmood

Former Director General (Research) of Ayub Agricultural Research Institute Faisalabad and present Chief Executive Officer of Punjab Agricultural Research Board (PARB), Lahore Dr. Abid Mehmood said that I am also eating barley flour bread and drinking sato too. My blood sugar used to be 150/160 from eating barley bread, now it’s down to 100. That is 90/95. My body system is working very well now by eating barley diet than before, i.e. eating satwa, porridge and bread, so I think that eating barley diet is helping me a lot. For the past 30 years, barley fields across Pakistan have been covering me. One day he went to the fields early in the morning to inspect the barley crop at his research institute, Adara Ghamt, Faisalabad.

Person standing in the middle

I saw that a person standing in the middle of the barley crop repeatedly bent towards the crop and got up. When he got closer, he came to know that the person was collecting the dew on the leaves of the barley crop with his hands and putting it in a bottle. . It was February and there was a lot of fog. When the bottle was filled with dew water, I called him and scolded him a bit saying why are you spoiling the experimental crop in this government field of barley crop, while on the other side you are going to the wheat fields.

On which he hesitated and said, Sir! Err, actually I was sent here by my grandfather Abu to collect the dew on the barley crop and bring it in a bottle. I was surprised or maybe nature wanted to enlighten me with a new dimension of barley crop. The man was 40 years old, his father 70 years old and his grandfather must have been over 100 years old. In other words, 100 years of knowledge had reached me which could hardly be found in any book.

The man said

The man said that one of my grandfather’s friends had cataracts in his eyes and my grandfather had told me that today is the month of February and the barley crop will also be in the fields. So you go to the nearby fields and collect the dew that falls on the barley crop in a bottle. They say that if the leaves of Shiran are added to the water of the dew that comes on the barley crop and the water formed from it is strained and poured into the eyes. It would prove to be an elixir for all eye diseases including black and white cataracts.

I was surprised that the early morning dew had only come so close to the barley crop, the dew had just touched the barley crop that it made the dew water so effective that He became the antidote for black and white cataracts, so what would be the meaning of food derived from this crop.



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