Barley crop (part 2)

Barley crop

General impression in Pakistan

It is believed that there is a general impression in Pakistan that the barley crop is not eaten by dung beetles. Production is also low, but readers! This impression is not entirely correct. Each farmer has his own preference on what to plant and what not to plant in his field.


If one wants to earn wealth, he should leave the cultivation of wheat and barley and plant vegetables, he will become rich in a short time, and if the farmer is devoid of labor and prefers to sit on his hands throughout the year. If he cultivates sugarcane, he can become rich overnight by taking 2,000 manna per acre. Rather, if I feed my family and friends too, it will bring countless benefits.

Sunnah of the Prophet

In the matter of eating first, he will be connected with the Sunnah of the Prophet, and the Sunnah will have countless benefits, he will be the leader in spreading it, health will be maintained, and diseases will be relieved.


This food is no less than a boon for the elderly suffering from diabetes, as it is rich in copper and selenium, which is very beneficial for knee pain, cancer and corona patients. It contains a protein component (high lysine) that plays an important role in increasing the height of children, and according to a recent study from developed countries, wheat is beneficial for people with diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Bread made of flour

If they stop eating bread made of flour, half of the disease will disappear, then what should they eat instead of bread made of wheat flour? Here he has recommended to eat bread made from 2 types of bread, one of which is corn flour and the other is barley flour, and if someone asks me, as I am related to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), on my tongue, it is made from barley flour.


It is also important to mention here that nowadays wheat flour has become more than 160 rupees per kg while barley flour is still only 80 rupees per kg. It causes fatigue and due to the high amount of carbohydrates present in it, the body becomes fat.

Nutrition value

The amount of gluten in wheat flour is 9.30%, which is causing gluten allergy in the society, and the amount of starch is 53% and beta-glucan is 99%, and the amount of energy is 324 kcal per 100 grams of flour, while barley There is no gluten in bread. Therefore, a person who eats barley bread does not have a gluten allergy, the amount of starch is 10% more than wheat, i.e. 63%, and the amount of beta-glucan, which is actually a packet of energy, is much more than wheat, i.e. 1.5%. The energy found in it is also more than wheat flour. Barley is 353 kilocalories per 100 grams of flour, which is the reason that eating barley bread does not cause constipation but gives flexibility to the body.


It is also healing from diseases and the most important thing is that due to the abundant amount of fiber, eating barley food can cure diseases like constipation. It melts the body fat and reduces obesity. I think it is important to mention here that the people of Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh, Ghana, Senegal, Sudan, Ethiopia, etc. always look slim and fit. Constipation, which is called the mother of diseases, has been eliminated in these countries. This is because their diet includes fiber that they get from barley.

Research on barley crop

It is a fact that research on barley crop in Pakistan is slow and it is a neglected crop. It is not being researched in the way that the utility of this crop requires, nor has it been taken up as a major crop so far. This is the reason why only 8 varieties have been discovered since the establishment of Pakistan, including Jo-83, Jo-87, Haider-93, Sultan-17, Jo-17, Jo-21, Pearl-21. and Talbina-21 included.

Lack of awareness

Due to the lack of awareness of barley crop in our country, only 56 hectares of the total cultivable area of ​​Pakistan is 6.79 million hectares, out of which 10.22 million hectares are cultivated, which is the total cultivated area of ​​Pakistan. It is significantly less than half a percent ie 0.26%.


Research on Barley Crop in Pakistan Although Ayub Agricultural Research Institute Faisalabad is continuing in wheat department on a limited scale, research on the numerous dimensions of Barley Crop is still urgent and is a dire need of Pakistanis. For example, does the cultivation of barley really increase the fertility of the land! It is produced well even in low inputs, if this is the case, then the area of ​​more or less 40 million hectares which is desert, barren and salted, by cultivating barley crops, Pakistan will not only be green. But malnutrition can also be remedied and the numerous researches on its nutritional aspects are still thirsty. The shelf life of this food is worth noting how long it can be useful, all aspects of which have been in the way of an independent barley crop organization with red tape on its way to completion.


Removing the obstacles is not possible without the attention of a lover of Rasool (PBUH), so the establishment of Institute Research Barley is indispensable to promote Barley as the food of the poor in Pakistan and especially in Punjab.





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