Are Beauty and Looks more important or Personality?

Are Beauty and Looks more important or Personality?

The question of “Beauty or Personality” interests me because these two words belong to two distinct categories. Internal Beauty and External Beauty are two concepts. When we talk about a person’s thoughts and character, we refer to it as their personality, and when we talk about their outward appearance, we refer to it as their looks.

I believe that one should never evaluate someone based solely on their appearance. Our appearance, skin tone, height, and other physical characteristics are all gifts from God that we cannot control.

Outer and Inner Beauty

The aspect of appearance that can be faked is outer beauty. A person can appear attractive in a lot of ways, including clothing, makeup, surgery, and other treatments, but inner beauty cannot be faked. It manifests itself in a person’s actions and mindset.

Even if someone has stunning charm, they will still be viewed as evil if they lack morality, ethics, and a positive disposition.

The Charm Fades, Personality Endures

External appearance can take on greater importance at times, like at fashion shows. People there will grade you based on how you look and behave. Still, the participants in an exhibition of fashion must have a good attitude. It will be quite tough for him or her to win the title if they have a poor personality because personality is reflected in attitude.

Furthermore, the beauty that nature provides is a fleeting bonus. It doesn’t stay very long with any one person. You lose some of the appeal as you get older. Our inner charm—that is, our disposition, our way of being, and our interactions with other people—is all that will endure until the day we breathe our last. People will cherish us, even after we’re gone, for our manners, competence, and kindness—not for how we looked.

Are Beauty and Looks more important or Personality?

Beauty’s Beholder: The Subjectivity of Attraction

The adage “The pursuit of beauty is found within the perception of the onlooker” is frequently used. It illustrates in a stunning way that whether or not you look appealing to the person you are interacting with depends on that relationship.

Not everyone will evaluate you based solely on your appearance; some people will find your personality to be attractive even if your appearance isn’t ideal.

Revision of The culture’s Values Is Necessary

However, a lot of people continue to ignore this ethical standard and prioritize beauty over personality. They will act as though they don’t care about appearances in front of everyone, but they do. Consider the case of George Floyd, also known as Floyd, a Black man who was murdered in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, by White law enforcement personnel. 

Thousands of individuals are using the hashtag “Black Lives Matter” to express their support for him throughout the world, and social media is overflowing with these posts. However, as we all know, the majority of these hashtags are also motivated by the way the individual appears. The majority of them will make every effort to locate their teenage daughters the husbands who are more attractive and wealthy than those who possess the inner beauty and moral character that will make their girls happy for the rest of their lives. 

Thus, there is a critical need for a shift in the viewpoints of individuals. They should firmly believe that all people’s lives are important, not just Black ones. And that a person’s appearance does not determine whether or not they are compassionate.


I must conclude by saying that an individual should concentrate on and develop his personality. He needs to make certain that no one is harmed by his actions or attitude.  And that he is seen as a kind and wise individual.

No matter how clever and attractive you try to be. You won’t be regarded as a beautiful person at the very end of your day if you don’t feel morally satisfied. And at ease knowing that you treated everyone you came into contact with correctly. And the blessings of individuals are the only source of this moral satisfaction.

Therefore, whether you are attractive or not is completely irrelevant. All that matters is that you behave correctly and have inner beauty, and you will receive admiration from everyone.

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