6 Things You Can Do To Prevent Car Theft In 2022

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Car theft is a crime that is on the rise in cities throughout the country. Unfortunately, anyone can become a target of this crime, but it is preventable if you follow the proper protocols. You can read more about six tips of things that you can do that will help you prevent your car from being stolen.

1. Take Valuables Inside

Never leave your valuables in your vehicle, especially when it is nighttime, but really, any time of day. When someone sees a wallet or a purse, or even an electronic one, is left unattended, they see this as the perfect opportunity to break in and maybe even steal your car. If you cannot bring your valuables inside where you are going, you can try to put them in the glove box at least or the trunk. This will make them not visible to anyone who is tempted to get into your car.

2. Park Under Lights

If you are parking your car at night, try to park it under bright, shining lights. Car thieves will typically look for a vehicle that is in a dark lit area as they will feel as if no one is watching or paying attention. Also, if you park under a street light, there is greater visibility of your vehicle’s going on. You can also try to park in a parking garage if there is one in your area as these have many lights and many cars in one place with people constantly coming and going.

3. Always Lock the Car

Make sure that you always take the time to lock your doors. Even if you live in the safest area in your town, you can still be prone to car theft, especially when your door is unlocked. If you leave the keys in the ignition, the vehicle is an easy target for someone to come and take and make their own. On the other hand, if you do not leave the keys, they can still hotwire your vehicle to get inside if someone is skilled enough.

4. Install Anti-Theft Devices

Many anti-theft devices may come with your vehicle, like the car alarm that goes off from your key fob. Consider adding in a steering wheel lock that only you can unlock, so even if someone can get into your car, they cannot go very far. The sign of the lock may even scare the thief away from your car as soon as they see it through. There are many other devices that you can put in place in your vehicle to help you prevent theft.

5. Hide Your Keys

You can even prevent the theft of your car by taking preventative measures in the interior of your home. For example, do not just hang your keys upright by the front door, where an intruder can quickly grab them if they get in. If the burglar retrieves the keys, they can get right into your vehicle and drive it away. Instead, put them in a well-hidden location that someone would never expect your keys to be in, including a locked drawer in your bedroom or any other idea that you may have.

6. Use a GPS Tracker

Though a GPS tracker does not directly help you prevent your car from being stolen, it can help you recover your vehicle. As soon as you file a police report, you can give them the information of your tracker so that the police can know precisely where it is. Thus, even you will keep track of where your vehicle is while someone is looking to recover it. The thief will never even know that the GPS tracker exists, and if they do, again, it may turn them off from stealing it. You may wan’t to see this gps tracker that goes on a car and tells you the exact coordinates of your car. Even if someone was able to take your car for a ride, you’ll be able to track your car if there is a gps tracker on board.

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